The 10 Best Fidget Toys For ADHD and Anxiety (2020)

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If your child has been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or anxiety, you’d probably always recognise them fidgeting, restlessly tapping feet on the floor or fingers on the desk. And if they’re doing that at home, they’ll be doing it at school as well. That’s where fidget toys can help a child or even an adult who has a hard time focusing.

While a fidget toy might bring up images of the famous fidget spinner, there’s a variety of other fidget toys to fit your child’s needs. Right from cubes, they can click to plastic tubes they can pull, to a tiny little bean pod they can squeeze. Calm your child’s body and ease their mind with these must-have fidget toys.

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10 Best Fidget Toys For ADHD and Anxiety (2020):

Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube – Versatile Cube

If you’re looking for the perfect fidget toy for your baby or toddler, the Fisher-Price My First Fidget Cube is the perfect fit. It has six sides of play with a variety of activities. The cube is sized just right for babies to grasp and explore the different textures, colors, and sounds.


  • This activity block is packed with engaging play and unique textures to keep your baby’s little fingers busy! There are rubber and metal buttons to click, a switch to toggle, spinning rollers, a rubber joystick, a fingertip spinner and a textured indent for your little one to explore. With so much to do, let’s get busy, baby!
  • ​As your baby explores all the fun activities on this cube, important skills are developing. Little fingers will get a big workout as they grasp, spin, push, and toggle, while the variety of textures, bright colors, and mechanical sounds excite and engage your little one’s senses.
  • ​From colorful clickers to spinning rollers, a toggle switch and more, this cube is loaded with exciting activities for tiny fingers to explore!

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EliveBuy Flying Fidget Spinner – Cool Flying Spinner

Want a fidget toy that doubles as a tiny drone? The EliveBuy Flying Fidget Spinner works as both a traditional handheld fidget spinner and an interactive game. With a quick flip of the switch, the fidget spinner turns into a fun, flying toy with four flying modes to enjoy.


  • Create a full range of safety toy with the most advanced safety concept, the maximum flight speed is 10km/h and the maximum flight height is 2.5m.when the flying fidget spinner comes to the kids, it will be slow and safe.
  • This flying fidget spinner adopts soft and durable shockproof guard to defend the kid’s finger from the spin, will not hurt kid’s finger, durable and safe for your children.
  • The flying fidget spinner is with small size, just 17g, even the 6-year-old child hands could fly the fidget spinner easily. at the same time, it is not too small for an adult, you will not feel boring when playing with your kids
  • Safe and creative toy, not only a fidget spinner but a flying toy, more choice more fun, just need a little practice, the kids will enjoy the flying with friend and family

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Neliblu Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys – A Toy For Fine Motor Skills 

The Neliblu Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toys snap and click into five different positions and can be used to build on each other. Amazing toys for artistically-minded children. Manipulate the links to create your own shapes and designs.


  • These Wacky Tracks toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention.
  • Each of the 24 links on the Snap & Click Toy pivots and locks into five positions so you can build and shape the chain in lots of different ways
  • Builds good motor skills, eye and hand coordination skills, problem-solving skills and expands the mind while sharpening your powers of deduction. Amazing toys for engineering or artistically-minded children. Manipulate the links to create your shapes and designs.
  • Makes an excellent party favor item to give away at your next birthday party or add these to your Easter basket for a fun and challenging Easter game.

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Anpole Fidget Bean Toy – A Toy That Requires Focus

If your kid is not into a typical-looking fidget toy, the Anpole Fidget Bean Toy is right for him or her. Squeezing the tiny bean pod to release the pea inside relieves stress and increases focus.


  • Squeeze the bean out over and over again when you get stressed or bored and kill time.
  • Each pack has three different facial expressions.
  • Great stress reliever and conversation starter. Stop rolling fingers, spinning pen and biting or picking your nail, just squeeze the bean and break those bad habits.
  • Small size and can be attached to your keys, backpack, cellphones or other electronic devices.
  • Fits elders, adults and children. Great gift for everybody.

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Tangle Therapy Fidget Toy – An Extra Relaxing Toy

From the classroom to home to a doctor’s appointment, the Tangle Therapy Fidget Toy is made to relax your little one’s mind and provide the ultimate hand therapy.


  •  It has proven useful with varying fields such as play therapy, ADHD, dementia, nursing, special needs care, mental health, and well being. It has even shown to relieve pain in teens’ hands and arms from excessive phone use. From classrooms to offices and nursing homes.
  • Tangle Therapy has been approved by the FDA for use in improving hand motion, restoring motion or joints, improving muscle performance, strengthening finger muscles, and rehabilitation hand muscles, joints while simultaneously relaxing your mind. You can twist turn and squeeze to improve wellness in your hand muscles and joints.
  • The Tangle Therapy line has been proven to help people relax their mind. You can manipulate your Tangle into different shapes to focus your attention and reduce stress. The fluid movement of twisting and turning your Tangle leads to a release of creativity and expression that is both productive and relieving for an excellent range of emotional support.

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Impresa Products 5-Pack of Stretchy String Fidget – Fun, Stretchy Strings

The Impresa Products 5-Pack of Stretchy String Fidget doubles as a sensory toy. It promotes increased focus and stress reduction as your kid stretches, pulls, twirls, wraps, and squeezes the noodles.


  • Made with high-quality custom formulated materials, they are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates and latex. The stretchy strings are strong, durable and safe for kids and adults alike
  • Perfect for the classroom, home or office, they’re great for parents, teachers, students, therapists and anyone else. Each unit is 12 inches long and stretches up to 8 feet.
  • Fidget and sensory toys are great for all children and adults, but especially those with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high anxiety levels. These toys help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress/anxiety and can increase focus/attention
  • A great addition to a collection of fidget toys/items, including squishy balls, tangle toys, rings, jewellery, necklaces, twiddle toys, and pencil toppers. 

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Vivahouse Fidget Spinner – The Classic Spinner

One of the most well-known fidget toys, the hand spinner will keep your kid’s hands busy and her mind relaxed. The Vivahouse Fidget Spinner is travel-friendly, quiet, and effective. It’s perfect for children with autism, ADD, ADHD, or anxiety.


  • An anxiety relief fidget spinner for children and adults, our fidget spinners keep your hands busy and your mind relaxed.
  • This handheld spinner toy is ideal for helping people at work, school or even home find clarity when dealing with autism, ADD or ADHD.
  • Each aluminum fidget spinning toy features smooth-rolling bearings that offer long, ultra-quiet spins for handheld or tabletop play.
  • Compact and lightweight, each anxiety relief sensory toy can fit in a pocket, backpack or purse so you can spin it anytime you feel overwhelmed.

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Chemstar Decompression Ring – This Ultra Portable Ring

With its convenient ring design, the Chemstar Decompression Ring fits perfectly in a small hand. Your children can use any of the six sides (with dials, buttons, and spinners) to fidget their worries away.


  • This product is simulating many times with the light button, the gamepad, the gear, etc.
  • The cube ring is made of high-quality environmental protection ABS material, non-toxic and environmental.
  • Several elements with novelty design can relax yourself.

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Möbii Small Mobius Hand Fidget Toy – These Aesthetically Pleasing Rings

The Möbii Small Mobius Hand Fidget Toy ($10) is so small. The aluminum rings, which your child can spin and rotate around endlessly, shape to look like a tiny knot. The toy promotes dexterity and alleviates anxiety.


  • This Möbii has the smoothest matte grey finish and makes an excellent small, lightweight fidget toy to keep in your pocket, office or car.
  • Rings are woven together so that you can rotate the rings through and spin this in your hand forever. The design cycles back in on itself so it just goes on 
  • Quiet, discrete and loops for infinity play. If it ever gets dirty or stiff, can be easily washed in dish soap and water.

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Infinity Cube Fidget Toy – A Transformable Cube

The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is an awesome handheld fidget cube for fidgeters of all ages. Its compact size allows your children to throw it in their pockets so they can take it with them anywhere. The cube will help improve hand and finger movements as it relieves hyperactivity, restlessness, and agitation.


  • A compact toy that’s ideal for kids and individuals with autism, ADHD and hyperthyroidism. It helps relieve hyperactivity, restlessness, and agitation. It’s also great for people with finger and hand concerns. It helps improve hand and finger movements and sensitivity. Whether you’re staying at home or going out, this fidget cube is perfect for you.
  • Made of premium ABS plastic blocks that’s BPA free and non-toxic, sturdy stainless steel links. Each cube is securely attached and will not come apart. The metal links are rust-resistant and can withstand constant flipping or folding. The cube is certain to endure falls and hits.
  • Made of premium ABS plastic blocks that’s BPA free and non-toxic, sturdy stainless steel links. Each cube is securely attached and will not come apart. The metal links are rust-resistant and can withstand constant flipping or folding. The cube is certain to endure falls and hits.

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Final thoughts:

There’re numerous fidget toys right from cubes to hand fidget toys. They act as your kid’s perfect playtime partner and even can help you beat the boredom. We have listed these fidget toys to calm your body and ease the mind. Hope this article helped you. 

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