Top 5 Best Fidget Toys for Kids (2020)

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Fidget toys help kids redirect extra energy into something harmless. They help you de-stress, relieve anxiety, and improve concentration. Whether for home, or school we’ve rounded up the best fidget toys for kids to help you find the best one.

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What are fidget toys?

A fidget toy is a handheld gadget that lets you divert anxious feelings into therapeutic activity. Fidget toys come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures and are often referred to by various names. Stress balls, tangles, and squiggles can all be used as fidget toys to promote movement and tactile input that is critical for some student’s learning.

Do fidget toys help anxiety?

Children may find the fidget toys entertaining as well as soothing, and it can promote relaxation or stress relief in teens and older adults. Many reviewers reported that fidget toys have helped them manage symptoms of anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other distress.

Are fidget toys good for ADHD?

While fidgeting is scientifically shown to help with attention, we lack studies showing that fidget toys do help. Simple fidgeting tools, such as textured putty or squeezy balls that allow quiet, non-distracting movement seem to be helpful.

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Are fidget toys good for kids?

Fidget toys, in addition to the improved learning benefits, can also reduce anxiety and stress, enhance dexterity, improve coordination and fine motor skills and assist in the development of muscles of small hands. Fidget toys are appropriate for all ages and genders and most developmental abilities. 

Most fidget toys have different fidget functions on each side, like push-buttons and rolling combination dials. These portable toys often come in their cases or attach to keyrings so they don’t get lost easily. If you want a fidget toy for home or school, ensure that it’s quiet enough to avoid disturbing your neighbors. Check out our top picks.

Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon

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With this Fidget Dodecagon, you’ll surely get your fingers occupied. Relief your anxiety and stress with this plastic toy’s 12 sides that have gears, buttons, switch, soothes, and more. It even has a silicone strap so you could keep it with you all the time. Lower your anxiety levels with Minilopa Store’s best value fidgeting toy. It has 12 sides full of combination gears, buttons, switch, and more to keep your fingers occupied.


  • Fidget dodecagon 12 Sides fidget cube keeps your minds and fingers occupied, help reduce stress and anxiety, preventing the mind from wandering off, allowing one to better focus.
  • It’s made with high-quality ABS plastic which has a smooth surface, give you smooth click roll, perfect for clickers, flickers, rollers and spinners.
  • The 12 sides include gears, buttons, joystick, switch, soothes, and stress balls, disk, silicone balls, joystick etc. Free your body and mood and help you focus on your work or study.
  • The fidget cube is suitable for both kids and adults, great toy for fidgeters, anxiety, focusing, ADD and ADHD, OCD, Autism and many more.
  • The fidget cube comes with a protective case. The extremely portable and pocket size which is easy to carry, play anytime, anywhere. Perfect device for school, work, meetings, church, libraries and more.


Chuchik Fidget Cube Toys

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The Chuchik fidget cube is lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket but it may be best to keep on your desk at work. This cube is made of ABS plastic and silicone for a slightly grippy feeling that also prevents accidental drops. Keep Chuchik’s lightweight fidget cube in your pocket or work desk to help you reset any time of day. The ABS plastic and silicone construction provides grip to keep you from dropping the cube.


  •  The Chuchik fidget cube is made of soothing and soft high-quality ABS plastic and silicone that has a “rubber-ish” feeling, to give you the best fidgeting experience. 
  • If your kid has ADD, ADHD or OCD and you were looking for a fidget toy to keep their mind focused, it’s one of the best picks for you. That’s because, this Fidget cube has 6 different unique features to keep them busy, which means that your kids will be more focused, less distracted and pay more attention in class. 
  • If you’re a compulsive pen clicker or nail bitter this product is for you! The Chuchik cube is designed with Silent features especially to allow you to keep your old fidgeting habits at work or at class without bothering no one else.
  • This fidget cube is great for everyone especially those with extra energy or high stress & anxiety. it will help relieve your everyday stress and anxiety, make you calmer and peace-minded at your workplace so you can make better decisions. You’ll be more focus and you’ll achieve better results in class and be more efficient at work.

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Pilpoc theFube Fidget Cube

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The best quality option is Pilpoc’s theFube fidget cube, made of soft rubber buttons, silent sides, and a wider-than-average worry stone for a truly ergonomic experience. You can protect this high-quality cube with the provided hard case. Depending on your location, you can choose the silent or audible sides on the Pilpoc theFube fidget cube. Soft silicone, ergonomic designs, and a protective case make this the best quality option.


  • PILPOC theFube fidget cube conforms to the highest quality standards: ABS plastic, smooth surface, soft silicone rubber buttons, excellent joystick rotation, wider and deeper worry stone, a crisp clicking sound, audible and silent actions, beautiful colors – All these together makes theFube, with no doubt, the best fidget cube around.
  • You can choose from various color options such as Red, Blue, Green, Black, Gold or Silver. No matter the color you select you can rest assure you will get the most beautiful fidget cube.
  • It has a new design which makes it even better. The cube is a little bigger for a better grip and had rounded corners so it feels even better in your hand.
  • It is small and portable so you can take it anywhere with you. No matter where you are, whether at your work, your home or studying at school.
  • This fidget cube is great for all ages. It has both audible sides and silent sides so you can take to your class or into meetings without interrupting others. An exclusive case is included so it also makes a great gift.

Small Fish Sensory Fidget Toys Set

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For the best bundle variety of fidget toys, try the Small Fish Sensory Fidget Toys Set. The multipack comes with 25 anxiety-reducing, sensory toys that can be stretched, pulled, flipped, and flung. The set includes flip chains, stretchy strings, stress balls, a snap, and click snake, and a liquid motion timer, among others. These cool fidget toys are for all ages and conveniently portable to bring with you just about anywhere. Calm your nerves in any setting with this variety pack of fidget toys. The assortment of toys is varied so that you can switch it up anytime.


  • The toys don’t make any sound and are great to bring to school, office, restaurant, during counselling, camping trips, road trips, and even in the hospital
  • Works wonders in improving focus, relieve stress, combat anxiety, or to simply pass time and control kids with tantrums and boredom while they are staying indoors.
  • Amazing gifts that are very portable and can be played everywhere such as the library, schools, classrooms, offices, in the car, bus or plane. Because of the small size, these are great travel toys and can fit in small pockets, purses and bag slots. Moreover, these can be used as party favors or as party activities and as also great as a prize or incentive.
  • These toys can be played, squeezed, stretched, flipped, pressed, and more. Great for all ages and can be brought anywhere. It helps redirect unconscious habits such as leg shaking, knuckle cracking, nail-biting, hair twirling, and others. These are child-friendly but also fits professionals.

Tom’s Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

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The best fidget toy for a discreet way to lower stress levels is Tom’s Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy. This silent toy is great for use without distracting others. They are perfect for use in business meetings, classrooms, long car rides, and movie theaters. The bike-chain design is made of sturdy, stainless-steel rings that provide additional grip and won’t break. Great for kids and adults. Cut down on other distracting, stress-induced habits with this discreet fidget toy. Take this convenient toy on the go, and no one has to know.


  • The flippy chain fidget has helped people to lower stress levels, succeed in school, stop biting nails & picking at scabs, relieve social tension at parties or gatherings.
  • Perfect for hours and hours of non-distracting and silent fidgeting. The flippy chain doesn’t distract or draw attention and is perfect for use in classrooms, offices, meetings etc.
  • The stainless steel split rings and chain links will never corrode or break, and the silicone O-rings provide additional texture and grip and will never fade in color

Final thoughts:

Fidget toys help in keeping kids away from forming negative habits like nail-biting, leg shaking and so on. When anxiety hits at home or school, you can depend on the trusty fidget toy to help kids calm down. To help occupy the hands, fidget toys offer different features like a mini joystick, click-on-and-off switches, and combination gears. 

Get your hands on one of these fidget toys for your kid, and you’ll start to notice how these useful tools can improve concentration and composure. Gone are the days of pen tapping and loud gum-snapping. Fidget toys are great little devices to keep inside pockets, so no one has to even know. You and your child will find a newfound sense of tranquility with fidget toys. Check out the best deals on Toys and Games.

We hope you enjoyed this article featuring the Best fidget toys for kids. The fidget toy can be an exciting gifting option this holiday season and especially for kids, as they will love to have fun-filled, stressfree playtime. These fidget toys would be a great gifting option for the Christmas as well. Moreover, we hope you found a great gift that your loved one is sure to treasure for years to come.

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