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Momenturn Metal Fidget Hand Spinner Prime – Gold Bar | Premium Heavy Brass | Smooth CNC Machined Finish, No Rough Edges | Durable 2 Arms Bar EDC Pocket Toy | Ceramic Hybrid R606 Bearing

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  • If you like a HEAVY spinner, you'll love the Gold Bar! It is a medium sized bar-type spinner with a classic & elegant design, measuring 2.4 inches (6.1cm) in diameter. However, it weighs in at a WHOPPING 103g (3.63 oz)! Being made of gold color pure brass that's PRECISION CNC MACHINED, it's extremely BALANCED & this translates to a SUPER SMOOTH SPIN FEEL
  • ALL SIDES AND SURFACES are ROUNDED or CHAMFERED with no hotspots or sharp edges, making it EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE to handle and fidget with. It has a 2-handed table spin-time of 6 to 7.5 MINUTES, an AMAZINGLY LONG spin time for a bar spinner. It spins with a soft soothing metallic chime
  • Its screw-on brass finger buttons are sized & shaped to be COMFORTABLE. All edges and surfaces are ROUNDED and ergonomically CONCAVED. Measuring 17.7mm in diameter, they fit well for both small or large fingers. Each button gives the Gold Bar a raised profile of 2.5mm from the main spinner body, providing good clearance for TABLE SPINS & people with LONG NAILS
  • Under the hood is a R606 Hybrid CERAMIC bearing, held in place by a screw-on bearing retention system that makes changing bearing or removal for cleaning a breeze. All 9 BLACK CERAMIC BALLS of the R606 bearing are made of Si3N4 Silicon Nitride, with stainless steel inner & outer roll cages. This configuration currently provides the LONGEST SPIN TIME on the market,with minimal maintenance necessary
  • The Gold Bar is very comfortable to spin, both by flicking up or down on its arms. Its shape makes it easy for strong spins & it's easy to catch or stop. It has a nice gyro feel when switching between horizontal & vertical spins. The included pouch protects the spinner from dings and scratches, & the metal polishing cloth renews its golden luster effectively if patina (look of natural aging of pure metals) isn't preferred

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