5 Bearing Fidget Spinner

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Fidget Spinner with High Grade Bearing and Top Notch Material by Gyrate (Two Leaf Gold)

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  • Use:Ideal for people trying to quite nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all type of attention disorder issues. Half-round curved shape design for hand comfort and long term usage. Simply flick and spin for hours with one or two hands
  • Material: TOP NOTCH material that is machine balanced to perfection. Equipped with a High Grade R188 ceramic bearing. Enables it's users to spin for at least 2 minutes
  • Brand: Gyrate selects the best materials and bearings to ensure we build the best fidget spinners. Gyrate needs to guarantee quality to all of it's customers.
  • Why Now? Yes, Fidget toys has been around for quite some time now. But it's taken us so long to unsure we make the perfect fidget toy for people to relieve anxiety and fidgety hands
  • Age: Perfect for ages 5 and up. This Fidget toy is extremely compact and portable. Easy to carry, and you can fidget with one or both hands. Ideal for people in school or officers or even waiting on line! No more boring moments because you have a well made fidget toy!

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