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Best Fidget Cube By Zippi. Prime Desk Toy. Reduce Anxiety And Stress Relief For Autism, ADD, ADHD & OCD. (Black Green)

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  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE - The Zippi fidget cube is made of soothing and soft high quality ABS Plastic + silicone that has a "rubber-ish" feeling, to give you the best fidgeting experience. Forget about the cheap 2$-3$ cubes that breaks after one day and get this durable awesome Cube!
  • INCREASE CONCENTRATION & REDUCE STRESS - If your kid have ADD, ADHD or OCD and you were looking for a fidget toy to keep their mind focused, your search it over ! That's because our Fidget cube has 6 different unique features to keep them busy, which means that your kids will be more focus, less distracted and pay more attention in class. Even their teacher will notice the difference! ADHD kids can become some of the most successful adults if they have the right tools to keep them focused.
  • PLAY WITH IT ANYWHERE - If you're a compulsive pen clicker or nail bitter this product is for you ! The Zippi cube is designed with Silent features especially to allow you to keep your old fidgeting habits at work or at class without bothering no one else.
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES - Do you think you're too old for it ? think twice ! Our Cube is Great for everyone especially those with extra energy or high stress & anxiety. it will help relieve your everyday stress and anxiety, make you more calm and peace minded at your work place so you can make better decisions. You'll be more focus and you'll achieve better results in class and be more efficient at work
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTY - We are confident with the quality of our Fidget Cube that Your purchase comes with a 100% money back guaranty no-risk no-non sense. Either you're thrilled or we don't want your money. See why Amazon customer rated Zippi Fidget Cube 5 stars !

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