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Woocon Fidget Spinner Metal, UFO Pure Copper Tri Hand Spinner, Customized Spinner Bearing Quiet Smooth Spin

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as of October 7, 2021 12:12 am


  • EXPERIENCE THE GREATEST SPIN YOU HAVE ONLY IMAGINED - With this fidget spinner prime in your hands, you`ll get a well balanced and smooth spin you will enjoy. What you can`t get from other low-end spinners. As you put this fidget toy in your hands you will see that all parts are built with high precision CNC machine to a tolerance of only 0.01mm so you can spin in the most balanced condition.
  • USE LESS POWER, ENJOY BETTER SPIN- This Woocon exclusive customized bearing is optimized with interior geometric design, innovative retainer structure is applied for low power consumption. You will get the pro-spinner you have only dreamed of.
  • QUIET BEARING, RELIVE YOURSELF ANYWHERE ANYTIME- This fidget spinner makes the least noise you can hardly notice and is a perfect companion for you to help you relieve yourself of stress and anxiety in every scenes such as course,meeting room,church,office and so on. If you are finding it hard to quit bad habit such as smoking then you have a weapon in your hands to fight your bad habits. (Fidget spinner)
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO- This fidget spinner is made with pure copper and it will look like a luxurious piece of art in your hands. It will perfectly fit into your pocket and purse. Very portable and good ergonomic size.
  • COPPER MADE & PERFECT WEIGHT - Pure copper made body finished with complicated surface finishing technology make this spinner looks luxury. Pure copper is perfect for gaining a nice weight on hand.

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