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Doc Kinetic Fidget Spinner Prime Widget Toy 3 - 5 Min White and Blue New 2017 Model 606 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Long Silent Spin ADHD Autism Stress Anti-Anxiety Helps Focusing Learning or Just Relaxing

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  • A PRIME FIDGET SPINNER / 3 - 5 MINUTES SPIN TIME due to high quality 606 hybrid ceramic (Si3N4) bearing, which is smaller than 608 and spins faster and longer! Don`t be fooled by the low price offers, choose this premium widget spinner instead. It`s what pro fidgeters would buy!
  • DESIGNED TO LAST A LIFETIME! Injection molded ABS material is almost unbreakable (also used for Lego bricks) and will not let you down. This is a long lasting, compact product that will not crack if you drop it. The bearings are fixed in the frame and will not fall out.
  • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY & EASE YOUR MIND, relax your nerves and release your bored energy, focus like a laser at work or school, learn better, reduce stress, ease your anxiety, even quit smoking or nail bitting!
  • RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS & ADULTS WITH ADHD, ADD and AUTISM. This spinner toy is a great tool that can provide huge benefits. It keeps hands busy and provides a distraction (from anxiety or trauma symptoms) or sensory stimulation which improves the development of thought, intellegence and social skills.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL - A PERFECT CHOICE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Fits well in hand of adult or child (5+), the most pleasing tri-bar design, pocket-size, very smooth surface, unisex white & blue colour. SHIPPED FROM USA - Fulfilled by Amazon, delivered to your door in a couple of days! Free Two-day shipping for Prime members.

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